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Geriatric Physical Therapy NYC Midtown

          Physio Sports Center is proud to introduce MOVE  a new program to address the aging population. Throughout life, tightness in muscles and soft tissues cause joint stiffness. This causes abnormal movement in the musculoskeletal system. As a result one may experience pain, weakness and/or restricted range of motion.


          The program begins with a one hour musculoskeletal evaluation to assess joint range of motion, flexibility, strength, posture and overall function. These services are performed exclusively by a licensed physical therapist. Upon completion of the evaluation, the therapist will design an individualized program uniquely tailored to your specific needs.​

Each follow up one-on-one 30 minute session will include a progression of manual therapies ranging from:

  • Joint Mobilization - Passive movement technique for musculoskeletal stiffness to restore normal joint play.

  • Stretching – The lengthening of tight muscles.

  • Soft Tissue Mobilization – The hands-on mobilization of fascia, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

  • Strength Training – Physical exercise using resistance to improve the strength and endurance of muscles.

  • Balance Training – Exercise to improve agility and stability to improve walking and to prevent falls.

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